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Blissful Awakenings

A Courtney Bliss Romance

Courtney never dreamed she’d win the Pleasure Temple contest…

or that she’d fall for its billionaire owner, Bo Ryans.

Unlucky in love and life, Courtney does something completely out of character—she enters to win a naughty prize. As fortune would have it, she wins and lands a three-month stay at the Las Vegas luxury resort, Pleasure Temple, where she can sample any sensual experience that tickles her fancy.


Despite her best intentions to avoid the more intimate offerings, Courtney finds herself bound every night in the seductive arms of Raife, a masked, master-seducer. Somehow, Raife manages to awaken parts of her she never knew existed. And as if these sensual experiences weren’t enough to upend Courtney’s life, it turns out billionaire, Bo Ryans, has set his sights on Courtney.


Torn between her blissful awakening under Raife’s hand and the promise of a stable relationship with an amazing man, will Courtney bet it all on pleasure or love?

Courtney Bliss Romance Series: Book 1
Courtney Bliss Romance Series:
Bo Ryans Short Story

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Without Bliss Short Story ebook.jpg

Without Bliss

A Bo Ryans Short Story

Billionaire. Luxury hotel owner. Playboy. How is it that Bo Ryans can have such a blessed life, yet be so alone and miserable?

After a nasty breakup with a girlfriend who stabbed him in the back by leaking a naughty sex-tape to the media, Bo Ryans flees his thriving luxury hotel, Pleasure Temple, to go back where it all began: Fantasy Island.

While there, new staff members open Bo's eyes to new possibilities (not to mention new - ahem - positions) that might just distract him from his relationship woes.

Tucking his heart away for now, Bo focuses all his attention on his new marketing tactic: Creating a contest to rival all other contests.

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