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More about me

I didn't start out as a resume writer and career coach.

After earning a Master's degree in Community Counseling and

providing mental health services for veterans and then for the prison population, I realized that wasn't quite what I was supposed to be doing.


As a military brat and then a military spouse, I knew I wanted to help veterans. Only after working at Fort Campbell's Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program (now TAP), did I realize a passion for assisting veterans in connecting to employment when they transitioned to civilian life.

When I took a position as an Employment Coach at Wounded Warrior Project, I had the opportunity to help veterans and their caregivers connect with positions that fit their needs. During this time, I also learned a great deal from employers, recruiters, and hiring managers about what they looked for in applicant resumes. 

In both positions, I worked with women (veterans and non-veterans) to help them level up at work or land new positions that understood the value of their skills and gave them the space to shine in management.

The problem was, I wanted my interactions with clients to be more than just checking a box. I wanted to build connections with clients so I could better understand their career goals and dreams.

So I started Evergrowth Coach

Now I'm able to take my experience of working with thousands of veterans as well as hundreds of employers and apply that knowledge to refreshing your resume to help you level up!

My favorite part of refreshing a client's resume is the initial analysis when I get to help them see all of the amazing things they've accomplished in past positions. It's so rewarding to instill a stronger sense of self-confidence in my clients that they then carry into their interviews.

Outside of Resume Writing...

I live in rural Maine with my veteran husband (who is renovating our 1860's farmhouse) and our two ridiculous dogs.

In my downtime, I'm a (slow) runner, an avid reader, and an author in both nonfiction (career-related of course!) and fiction (dark fantasy).

During that short growing season in Maine, you can find me out in our field, growing and harvesting lettuce and tomatoes for our small farm stand.


Ready to get started?

Now that you know more about me and my background, I'd love to learn more about your career goals and get started on your resume!

Don't have a resume yet? I've got you covered!

Download this Worksheet, fill it in, save it, then upload when you're ready to order a resume package!

Have questions? No worries!

You can email me with any questions at

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